Hobonichi Cousin as Bullet Journal: Exploiting the Daily Spread (Leucistic Canada Goose, local. Snapped @ Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC)

Hobonichi Cousin as Bullet Journal: Exploiting the Daily Spread



♦️ Pub: Apr 4, 2019 | Updated: Apr 4, 2019 @ | Reading: 8 min. | Words: 1,996 ♦️
Using the Hobonichi Cousin as bullet journal empowers laser focus on planning, as opposed to drawing distractions. I exploit the Daily Spread by delving into the nitty gritty of goals, setting the day’s agenda. Tears of frustration may materialize, but the spread gets me back on track.

Absorb the critical distinction between a Daily Spread vs a Daily Log
Absorb the critical distinction between a Daily Spread vs a Daily Log

Don’t confuse my Daily Spread with a Daily Log. My Log catches thoughts throughout the day, each preceded with a symbol designating the item’s nature (e.g. dot/ reference, checkbox/ task). Review sessions witness my conversion of some of those thoughts into goal-related targets.

The depicted Daily Spread reflects precise milestones I aim to tackle, by day’s end, on the day of this posting—Thursday, April 4th. Let’s put those listed items in context.

Q1 Goals & Projects & Milestones, Oh My

Today’s agenda involves three primary projects. One concerns overhauling my communications systems. Another focuses on satisfying certain mandates attending my three licenses to practice law. The third takes aim at a passion project. The latter presents a twoFer, in that I look out “for me as well as thee,” the writing community.

✦︎ Goal: ReVamp Communication System

My big-3 umbrella goals for this year include decluttering / streamlining.

The yellow blocks in the picture reflect a few electronic aspects of that intention.

Honing in on the yellow color-coded agenda items
Honing in on the yellow color-coded agenda items

The first yellow block concerns my decision to establish a new Google Voice number. I will feed it to every social network demanding a phone number. Other than initial Google verification via a burner phone, no companion cell number will exist. Rather, the number will live solely within apps, e.g. Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

The second yellow block references a similar goal, but targeting eMail. I will establish a new freebie account at 33mail.com. That freebie will fuel any seat-of-the-pants alias I create, quietly forwarding it to my genuine eMail inbox. Examples:

  • twitter@abcd.33mail.com
  • pinterest@, facebook@, and so on.

This new group of 33mail addresses, then, will be used solely for social networks. It will join two pre-existing 33mail accounts: one for businesses and registering online; the other for personal matters. Unique usernames, eMail addys, and passwords decrease my concerns about hacking effects.

✦︎ Goal: Meet my Annual CLE Requirement

The tan color-coded block references a law-related sequence of tasks.

"Oooo, yay -- mandatory classes!" said NO one, evahhhhhhh
“Oooo, yay — mandatory classes!” said NO adult, evahhhhhhh

Short version: I’m licensed to practice law in three jurisdictions, each of which mandates taking a certain number of Continuing Legal Education hours each year. The total number varies per jurisdiction, as do the respective annual deadlines. One imposes an April 30th deadline. I treat it as the master, i.e. satisfying that deadline ensures other deadlines are also met.

Technically, I’ve satisfied this requirement for year 2019. However, if I take six additional hours online before April 30th, I’ll have enough credits to satisfy both this AND next year. I covered two of the six “extra” within recent weeks. So, with only four hours left, I’m confident I’ll pull off this goal.

✦︎ Project: Helping Me, Helping Thee (Writers)

If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.— Ava DuVernay

Accordingly, I set out to accomplish a twoFer: enhance my online author platform while enhancing the platform of fellow writers as well.

If your dream only includes you, it's too small.— Ava DuVernay
If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.— Ava DuVernay

⋙︎ The Good News

Among the milestones set for Quarter 1 completion: pull 1000 followers to my new (December launch) second Instagram account. Done!

Facebook. I get why the name begins with an F
Facebook. I get why the name begins with an F

I also aimed for 2000 likes on my Facebook Page. Why? Last year, Facebook inflicted that threshold as the price of entry into the Land of Page Customization. After researching, I witnessed the ability to add tabs— incorporating, e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram streams—transform my annoyance into determination.

I surpassed that goal on the morning of the last day of that quarter, March 31st. The timing gifted a psychic boost, explaining my lingering float-titude this week. My thinking:

  1. Continue liking writer pages, through my page rather than through my personal profile → which lists them in a section of my page. The more writer folks I pull, the higher the odds of spill-over love hitting those writing colleagues and vice versa.
  2. Music, bird photography, and bullet journaling conspire to keep me in my groove day-to-day. These facets of my personality spill into the tabs adorning my Facebook business page. The more potential readers can “see” my personality, via the tabbed content, the higher the odds of their interest in my publications.

The mere fact  Facebook limited who can employ tabs told me tabs must offer something powerful to businesses. Monday of this week, I researched the how-to of tab incorporation, permitting a checkmark next to that Daily Spread item.

Man oh man, we've come a looooong way from THE MALL as social network, LoL
Man oh man, we’ve come a looooong way from THE MALL as social network, LoL

Tuesday, I added tabs for Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Because I loathe the look of the tabbed Pinterest page, I refused to mark that install-tabs item as completed. Instinct suggests another tab option should be available. That thought made its way to Tuesday’s Daily Log. That will morph into a Daily Spread item next week.

These and other accomplishments flowed from the Daily Spreads. My personal roadmap should take a bow!

⋙︎ The Grrrrr News

The segment of this project, also scheduled for Q1 completion, concerning helping thee” continues to thwart my intentions. Background info sets the stage.

On my second Instagram account, I follow bullet journal and writer accounts. An industrious writer recently created the #authorssupportingauthors hashtag. The idea: add your name in the comment section of the post, follow other commenting writers, and smile as they follow you. Because this niche group genuinely cares about writing-related content, engagement odds increase. Publishers study engagement rates during the do-I-wanna-get-involved-with-this-writer decision-making process.

The scheme works — well! So well, in fact, I found myself staring off into space, thinking Gees, s’pose IG related to clickable links. We could support folks re other networks too. The thought not only stayed with me, I became obsessed with conjuring a solution. The obsession ensconced itself in my BuJo, in the form of my Writers Supporting Writers passion project.

I established certain requisites:

Where a worthy goal exists, you'll find inner critic Poindexter, poised for a feeding frenzy
Where a worthy goal exists, you’ll find inner critic Poindexter, poised for a feeding frenzy
  • any related tools needed by writers must be free
  • all aspects of whatever I conjured had to be crazy easy for participants, in terms of day-to-day usage, i.e. no-stress and no-fuss

I did devise a detailed blueprint, sorta like building the frame of a house. BUT … implementing that stratagem assumes I’ve mentally absorbed precise new-to-me tech. Only certain types of nails can yield the desired finishing touches to ensure a stable self-sufficient house. Same holds true here.

Folks, I incurred so many bruises while stumbling and fumbling my way toward for this elusive goal, I feel like the human equivalent of a Dalmatian puppy.

This background explains the blue section depicted in the spread:

A few of the steps incurred per my passion project, Writers Helping Writers
A few of the steps incurred per my passion project, Writers Helping Writers (Rainbow Lorikeet, Australia. Snapped @ Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA)

In essence, I need to iron out a stubborn kink encountered while creating a “shareable” IFTTT applet, via that service’s relatively new “Maker Platform.” (Aptly named, as it makes me create multi-syllable cuss words as my retinas rotate in massive confusion.) Once I nail this segment, I can complete the how-to walk-through planned for this blog. Accomplishing that final step serves as a red carpet, so the realized plan can stunt its stuff publicly.

⋙︎ Thinking Ahead

Two factors inform preemptive strikes to be built into the tangible support system.

1️⃣ Where there are public tools, there are spammers. My aim: minimize if not preclude the potential for spam infiltrating the auto-generated lists conjured. That, in turn, requires scrutiny of Twitter’s search mechanism.

2️⃣ The #authorssupportingauthors Instagram hashtag pulled writers of good will, as well as the M&M Crew, i.e. Mental Midgets. The M&M Crew followed hundreds of writers. When those writers returned the favor, the Mental Midgets promptly unfollowed. They remind me → everyone did not enjoy my blessing, that is, being raised by a young widow— who instilled integrity principles through daily examples of her character in action, all while confronting the world with only a high school diploma in pre-Civil Rights Act America.

When behavior shouts you have no desire to assist others, that attitude proves contagious. It infects me with an intense desire to keep you out of the formal arena I fashion. I can’t bar every knucklehead out there. Electronic cockroaches will inevitably appear in the dark. But I’ve incorporated enough Raid® to dwarf their numbers.


I beat up some goals. One goal continues to beat me up. It’s true that aspects of the latter project move slower than anticipated. But movement, by definition, still translates as progress. And so, I persist. 🤕

A dated Daily Spread yields both a hammer-it-out platform, and a mechanism for subsequent cross-references. I can take a picture of a bird with my smartphone, yielding a spec in the frame. Or I can use a tool designed to bring out the best of my target. The same principle applies to tools employed for goal chasing.

The Daily Spread forms my bigBoy tool. With it, I can drill down to the nuances inherent in the project kidnapping my laser focus. Confrontation of those nitty gritty irritants gifts a basis for problem resolution.

Yeah, takes time.

Yeah, feeds (inner critic) Poindexter when I stumble. My 8-syllable 4-word response: Buster Douglas, <expletive deleted>.



Call to Action

Stumbling with an Exercise every day goal? Try “On this day, imma do a dozen jumping jacks.” Rinse. Revise. Repeat. This day, NOT every day this year.Frustration overwhelming you on the last leg of a project that seems to be crawling. Reminder: ain’t nobody standing on the sidelines with a stopwatch. You still movin’ toward the target? You groovin’. Celebrate your tenacity!

Reminder: your body responds to every dang thing you say to yourself, including beratement. If you wouldn’t accept that langage when directed at a friend, stop. Don’t tell yourself to stop—that simply applies the yellow highlighter effect to the words. Do switch gears, tossing yourself into some segment of the project driving you nuts. Make it the smallest part possible. Example: I moved my attention to Twitter nuances, researching. Doing so drowned out Poindexter. All I needed—at that moment—to move from point w to point x. Having fought my way through most of the alphabet of discrete steps, you better believe I ain’t gonna allow myself to fold before hitting y and z outta da ballpark!

Buster. Douglas.

Mindset. Belief.

THAT’s the key to succeeding in your designated mission. To quote my girl Cookie: believe dat!

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