“Oil change every 3k miles” = MYTH = “10k steps a day” (!)


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Marketing hype bites us, yet again.

‘Membah the “oil change every 3000 miles” mantra, ultimately unmasked as mere marketing hype? JawDrop part 2 → “10,000 steps a day”? Also factually bogus.

In the ‘60s a Japanese company, having created a new pedometer, needed a way to push it. They conjured the 10k-steps vibe, with USA federal agencies regurgitating it as fact. Now, a scientific study reveals the truth. 4,000 steps a day? Fab for most, especially “older women.” Over 7k? No discernible SCIENTIFICALLY-backed benefits.

Google for more details, limiting results to last month.

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10k steps a day? Busted! Mere Marketing Hype

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