Be still my heart: a Black Afro-haired Barbie, seated in a wheelchair!


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A Black Barbie, complete with natural curls, seated in a non-hospital style wheelchair. Talk ‘bout Woke! Congrats Mattel! Intellectually honest diversity! Thank you

Mattel’s genuine diversity via a new Barbie
Mattel’s genuine diversity via a new Barbie

One user Tweeted about how happy she is that young children today will be able to see themselves in Barbie’s collection and posted a photo of a doll, seated in an everyday-use wheelchair. Another replied, pointing out that she isn’t “merely a Barbie in a wheelchair,” but is a black Barbie, too. The doll sports natural hair, jeans and a striped t-shirt

QNLink3   Source:  Twitter / Yahoo News
Mattel’s genuine diversity via a new Barbie


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