White-Throated Sparrow (North America). Snapped @ Food Lion, Zebulon, North Carolina

White-Throated Sparrow (North America)

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White-Throated Sparrow: The Curious One

No shame in my game. I’ll belly-flop, in a heartbeat, if it might translate into a fun pic of a feathered buddy.

Sparrows, typically dubbed LBBs—Little Brown Birds—present a delight of visual differences, yet remain under-appreciated. This guy (guyette?) strikes me as permanently dressed for the prom.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the White-Throated Sparrow stands as the most curious among his sparrow siblings. Others dash when they sense any hint of human movement, but this dude defiantly remained in place. Studying his demeanor had me hearing Robert DeNiro’s mini-monologue in an iconic “Taxi Driver” (1976) scene: “I’m standing here. Your move! … You talkin’ to me?!”

The White-Throated Sparrow visits our North Carolina backyard only during the winter but maintains his favored status throughout the year—courtesy of his good looks, fab temperament, and don’t-need-no-microphone 🎵🎤warbling.🎤🎵

White-Throated Sparrow, in Action

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