Crested / Southern Screamer (South America).

Crested (Southern) Screamer (South America)

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This gentle giant won my heart.

Crested (Southern) Screamer: The Loud One

Imagine standing still, camera shoved against your face with Index finger hovering over the shutter button. You exercise patience, an ongoing requisite for worthy bird shots, as the dang-dude’s-taller-than-me struts closer. Your peripheral vision pulls a distraction. A split second’s turn to investigate results in the disappearance of your lens-targeted mass of feathers.

A shadow enveloping you from the rear suggests danger. Your body whips around, bringing you retina-to-retina with The Tall One. Only air separates the two of you. In your mind a debate rages: run vs pray. The gargantuan bird smirks, tossing back his (her??) head while slo-mo opening his beak.

The aural assault confirms identification: the Southern / Crested Screamer— the feathered crew’s version of James Brown’s patented screech. You take one small step to the right for safety, a giant leap for your photography muse. Now close enough to touch, the Screamer quiets and bows. James meets Madonna, courtesy of a 🎵 Vogue🎵 pose worthy of a blog post.

And they wonder why me ❤️wubs❤️ Da Boidies!

Crested Screamer, in Action

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