American Goldfinch, snapped @ home in NC. “A day without a smile is a day wasted.”

American Goldfinch (Local, North America)

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American Goldfinch
Snapped @ Triangle area backyard, North Carolina.

Feelin’ down in the dumps? Indulge a DIY quick cure: Church, in the form of walking around your ‘hood or visiting a park. Nature WILL provide the sermon you need, unpolluted by a human’s agenda.

Personally, a church pew never sees me. But park benches own me, as do the cement paths extending from our front door.

Your only tasks while enjoying the fresh air = observe and FEEL everything your senses absorb. Studying the forms of assorted tree limbs, scrutinizing the (manic) activity of flitting birds, counting the varying subtle hues of green and brown surrounding you — this and so much more beats any pill a prescription pad can provide. Pills dull the senses. Intentionally appreciating Nature awakens the senses, nurturing your spirit.

No co-pay inflicted! Relishing Nature’s loving balm for the soul costs nothing beyond the movement of your feet, combined with a willingness to engage a “why not? I’ll try it” commitment.

Bonus brownie points if you find a bicycle, climb onboard, and massage the kid within. I’ve learned: it’s impossible to pedal through Nature’s glory without a smile kidnapping your lips … and heart.

A day without a smile is a day wasted.
— Wiz Khalifa

American Goldfinch, In Action

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