Deer grazing on backyard grass and goodies

Massaging Mental Health: A “Dear” Morning

♦️ Pub: Oct 2, 2019 | Updated: Oct 1, 2019 @ | Reading: 2 min. ♦️

Soundalikes occasionally coax the meaning of its aural twin.

To quote a clueless Neanderthal masquerading as a human on the world stage, a “bad” bug, “a very very bad big” flying bug jumped into my lap, almost ruining my Morning Routine: preDawn Nature’s First Yawn enjoyment. (Hey, girlFriend don’t play bugs!! 🤬😡) To maintain an even keel, the following morning I ignored the front porch, opting instead to grace our backyard. My way of forcing Mr. Big Bug into a game of hide-&-go-seek. (Ya wanna eat me? Earn it, chump!)

“Howdy! ” deer style. Snapped @ backyard Triangle Area, NC
“Howdy! ” deer style. Snapped @ backyard Triangle Area, NC

Yes, I feed the birds. No surprise there. But hubs, feeling sorry for the squirrels I ignore during feeding time, tosses cracked corn for the furry munchkin critters.

Yes, we live in an urban area.

Imagine my delight when—while sipping coffee—the Bambi crew sauntered into view. My BuJo sat on my right, awaiting my morning HeadCheck BookEnds entries; my pocket cam, on the left ← thankfully!

And y’all wonder why my obsessions include getting outside “first thing” to start my day. Morning thoughts can form a shield, playing kryptonite against the negativity trying to invade my senses as the day progresses. With these gentle giants nestled within my mind’s eye, (inner critic) Poindexter confronts a mountain defying his climb!

😍 Ahhhhhhhhh 😍 < insert the deer emoji iOS overlooked, grrrr >


Call to Action

This ain’t an “I Dream of Jeannie” world. If you want to maintain a steady inner equilibrium, you’ll work for it. You’ll know you’ve stumbled onto an invaluable aid when your spirit, as opposed to a habit tracker, pulls you day after day. Our seldom used front porch witnesses my presence Monday through Friday, rain or shine, courtesy of its roof. On bitter cold days, I rely on the next best thing— a living room window offering a portion of the porch’s view.

I found my thrill. What’s yours?



Deer grazing in our backyard
A deer grazes, yielding a dear morning for this grateful onlooker.

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