Budge / Parakeet, doin’ his “Vogue” thing

Parakeet / Budgie, male (Australia)

♦️ Pub: Oct 16, 2019 | Modified: Oct 16, 2019 @ | Reading: < 1 min. ♦️

Parakeet / Budgie

Snapped @ Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

My homie loves to tease: girlFriend, you ain’t in Chapel Hill for me. You came to hang out with ‘LilMan.’  That birdie Momma, pretty much like a limb at this point, has long joined me in celebrating the ups, and regrouping after the downs Lady Life inflicts.

She’s a woman with character shaped by principle, as opposed to opportunity. I’m blessed to enjoy this stellar friendship. The feathered dude just forms icing on my equilibrium-maintaining cake.

Budgie, In Action

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