White-Headed Duck, zipping along the water;s surface

White-Headed Duck, male (Africa) — 😢 Endangered

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White-Headed Duck, male (Africa) 😢 Endangered 😩

(Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

Call him Zoom Dude. I’ve relished the blessing of observing many a bird / duck, but this guy personifies uniqueness in two ways.

First, the White-Headed Duck seems oblivious to nearby humans. Others may waddle up close to inspect me, hop or fly onto my bench to chill with me, land on my shoulder, or simply nod a quiet Howdy, Hon! But brutha Cool Breeze here? Just zips right on by, in the same manner we zoom past interstate highway trees with nary a glance. Definitely instills humility. 😂

White-Headed Duck, taking a bath
Gettin’ all nice and tidy

Second, the dude zips across water surfaces bullet style. Seriously, you can get whiplash trying to keep a retina on this blue-billed wonder. No hyperbole here, folks: In 14 years of bird photography ventures, me no see nooooo feathered friend move with this steady speed, evahhhhh!

Funny thing … despite being igged (“ignored,” dear), I placed the camera by my side. Living in that moment, to the fullest, allowed me absorb the vision before me. *Lemme tell ya — if they ever figure out how to get THAT feeling into a pill, yo, I’m there!* Meanwhile, I pray efforts underway to repopulate the planet with this breed prove successful. Future generations deserve the sheer visual delight threatened by Zoom Dude’s endangered status. Sigh!

White-Headed Duck, In Action

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