November 2019 6 word story challenge

November 6-word-story challenge


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A 4-step approach instilled writing self-discipline: indulging Nature’s First Yawn, completing my weekday HeadCheck BookEnds, joining Twitter’s #5amWritersClub, and subjecting dozens of fountain pens to a universal bath.

Highlights of my Morning Routine

History underscores: a haphazard approach to the day yields, at best, haphazard results. Treating me like a friend, I sat down, engaged a loving empathetic talk, then implemented changes.

Indulging Nature’s First Yawn

Once upon a time I’d awaken, shuffle around, and eventually make my way to my home office. Maybe the writing muse would greet me, maybe not. That repetitive happenstance, combined with several uppercuts delivered by Lady Life, coerced substantial changes. The net result? I take 10 preDawn minutes to cement a positive perspective, every weekday. Indeed, the consequences so enthused, I spread the joy to the weekend.

In essence, I plop in a front porch seat between 4-5 a.m., to relish the show gifted by Nature’s First Yawn. Between squirrels and birds and rabbits–oh my!–my inner tank overflows. That overflow spills into my pen.

Completing my weekday HeadCheck BookEnds

The reasons I bullet journal grow each day. Case in point: Amazon bookshelves include productivity journals. Each presents a daily template to complete. But each also promotes lock-in, presumably to pull four hefty annual payments from customers enamored with the three months of pages provided. Google Images empowered my study of most such journals, yielding an initial list of questions to fashion my own HeadCheck BookEnds template. As months morphed into years, I tweaked my way to utter goodness.

Within the current context, I define glory as knowing my why, and acting accordingly. Because I begin and end each day paying homage to my core, my core rewards me with a positive perspective called Gratitude. No longer relegated to a simplistic line-a-day, my Daily Log embraces a gratitude listing, fed throughout the day. Creativity sources in peace; the spirit of gratitude gifts that peace.

Joining Twitter’s #5amWritersClub

This woman’s greatest trait remains a willingness to confront  my weaknesses head-on, the requisite to effecting a cure. Some days, my body prefers the warmth of bed covers. Neither motivation nor discipline, standing alone, will defeat that reality. So I added a third member to create my personalized E.T. (😉): Empowerment Trio → a random act of kindness.

As a child of the Motown era, I know what music to pull from Spotify to power my sit-down part up and off the bed. The twofold consequence, movement and smiles, proves infectious and long-lasting. Therefore, I tweet a lyrical snippet of the tune, together with the relevant YouTube video.

Morning thoughts can float or demote a day’s inherent power. Sometimes, the smallest things evolve into the mightiest. Knowing I’ve coerced a smile, for someone somewhere, knee-jerks internal satisfaction. (Inner critic) Poindexter starves. And I write, in peace.

Subjecting dozens of fountain pens to a universal bath

Steve Jobs departed this earth, taking Apple’s innovation and any hint of quality control with him. The Windows-Vista style triflingness materializing in his wake includes random repeat characters, inexplicable rapid-scroll screens, blatantly unreliable copy/past maneuvering, and a host of other show-stopping irritants– all primed to kill a writing flow. Because no worthy tablet competitor exists, I resorted to my stationery-nerd bookcase.

Dozens of fountain pens stand proud in assorted footlong multi-pen stands. I pulled each pen, grabbed paper towels and plates, ammonia (then alcohol when ammonia ran out), and a few plastic cups. Each cup soon held my cleaning concoction. Within the hour, each pen found its temporary liquid home. Repeated dunks in refreshed cleaning brews performed the desired magic.

My fountain pens take a bath
Stash #2 dries, as stash #3 bathes

Cary’s annual pen show continues to refresh my ink stash. My decision, each morning: me a blue, green, orange, turquoise, red, purple, brown.. gal today? The query leaves no room for negativity. I’m focused on an aspect of writing. It casts an invigorating lingering shadow.

Writing longhand not only avoids electronic goblins, it breaks my word-processor induced habit of editing during the drafting stage. The story of this life = converting a negative into a genuine positive.

The Combined Effect

I love the feel of a fountain pen gliding across a page. I exploit that love, ensuring I will, in fact, write on a daily basis. Write what? Well…

if my mental cupboard runs dry, I turn to my trusty list of challenges. A 6 word story. Just 6 friggin words. Doable. And thus done.

The positive attitude hammered preDawn inspires a spirit refusing to quit. Ignoring the writer’s block, my mind instead fondles the day’s Motown-era tune, while imagining writing-obsessed Twitterzens boogying their way outta bed. That intense smile prompts another grasp of my fountain pen. My retinas return to the 6-word-story list. And. I. Write. It may begin with six multi-syllable cuss words per the where’s my friggin writing muse vibe. But whatever the opening lines, my commitment—honed by a supportive system— inevitably yields an edit-worthy group of words.

Proof? My initial intent for this post began and ended with the Puffins pic serving as featured image. Ha! Looky at what can happen when you practice taming a weakness, and polishing it into a strength!

Call to Action

I know motivation adores unscheduled holidays. I know my response to trifling eGoblins can haunt away my can-do spirit. Because I know me, I’m empowered to self-manage my own internal goblins. Grandma’s wisdom lingers: Taking time on the front end pays huge dividends on the back end.

Whatever your dreams, whatever screams for your diligent attention — honor it, by taking the steps required to perform when your lesser self prefers the bed.

November 2019 6 word story challenge
Rhymes with Puffins, the 6-word story challenge for November 2019

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