(Video) The Universe’s Daily Replenishment Gift: Nature

♦️ Pub: Nov 5, 2019 | Modified: Nov 5, 2019 @ ♦️

The best, awaiting the best — you.

Nature, presenting in varied forms while dressed in tuxedos of color. Lifting your eyes spotlights a host of fluffernutter clouds. Walking a path showcases innumerable blades of grass, bowing in homage to your majestic being as you pass by. Squirrels and birds flirt with a center stage designed to delight— you.

Reminders, surrounding you… hoping to envelop you. Created to fuel your day, ease your mind, and enrich the spirit. Nature’s purpose? Massage your inherent beauty, enhance your innate strength, gift respite from the cares & woes of this world, and empower the core you. Consider it a highly personalized bundle of Valium, Excedrin Extra-Strength, and a certain mellow-inducing plant, mixed with ultra-premium gas.

The price of admission: Go. Look. See. Enjoy.

ReConnect with Nature

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