A Black-Necked Stilt, looks on-- quizzically

You Do You, Boo

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Some folks relish “expert” status, lapping up all a claimed expert says. Think twice.

Example: ‘Membah the women-mars-men-Venus author, with his claimed Ph.D. prominently featured on the book cover? Bogus. Read his history, to get a taste of his version of character. Tricky folks—i.e. pretenders / frauds— tend to be remarkably consistent. Pay attention.

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John Gray

Ditto the rules for writing some folks love to toss at others. Many insist you should divorce drafting from editing. Do you, boo. Find what works for you and massage the heck outta it!

Example: Maya Angelou edited, while drafting, as part of her standard writing routine. Ha! So much for Da Expoits. Repeat: pay attention.

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What Was Maya Angelou’s Daily Routine?




A Black-Necked Stilt, looks on-- quizzically
You Do You, Boo. // Black-Neck Stilt (North + South America). Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC

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