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The Cliff Notes Version: Attorney / Content Strategist PamG      (a/k/a writesquire)

Put my 15+ years of professional persuasive experience to work for you. This solutions provider knows juries, appellate judges, and web visitors share a common trait: they relish an engaging story. Stewing quality content into digestible pieces yields an enjoyable feast. Delighting the reader forms a premier step in conversion messaging.

Contact me to devise a plan to elevate your web presence, or to protect your litigation client.


The Hallmarks of Intense Client Focus

Walking the talk includes:

  • securing state Supreme Court reversals, on the strength of written words alone;
  • finding the needle in a research haystack, wielded to wed success to the client’s quest;
  • scrutinizing reams of documents to marshal facts / law, as a requisite to conjuring and drafting persuasive strategic documents;
  • freelance writing for attorneys, whether court filing or site / blog posting;
  • freelance writing for small businesses, after studying the client’s website and researching likely search queries to devise conversion messaging;
  • working with teams to ensure prompt deliverables (humor stands as a infectious weapon when “in the trenches”)
  • advising CEOs and inmates, as well as folks falling between the two extremes; and,
  • implementing innovative solutions for vexing problems.


Resolving a StateWide Problem, from the Ground Up

My 1990’s award-winning (pre-Google) labor of love, dpg-law.com, provided a freely searchable database of Pennsylvania judicial opinions, then available only in the web-hostile WordPerfect format.

A strong believer in giving back, I also provided intricate research trails for non-lawyers per topics of focus. The “unique approach” taught non-attorneys, through hands-on examples, how to find authoritative data on the issue concerned.



Let’s face it: working with attorneys, pacing before juries, and answering a court’s pointed questions requires a steady temperament, a measure of acting skills, intellectual curiosity, and outright determination. Translation to the web context witnesses dedication to a client’s goals through daily learning excursions, culminating in the polished manipulation of words blended with tech familiarity:

  • writing reflecting SEO best practices
  • editing, with constructive feedback
  • ghostwriting, with your delighted satisfaction serving as applause
  • proofreading, to ensure your polished presentation
  • determined digging into HTML & CSS, to cement a craved visual result
  • listening to needs stated, to discern needs unstated
  • nodding to Murphy’s Law, via consistent pre-deadline submissions
  • taming social media nuances (e.g. an image’s alt tag = Pinterest’s BFF)
  • resolving stubborn WordPress “features” (yes, you CAN disguise the live links produced by the display-post feature; see the  Editorial Calendar)
  • devoting fastidious care to the appearance, grammar, and tone of the final product

I write for a simple reason: I love it!


The Non-Working Pam

D.K. - DarbyKlan the cockatiel
D.K. – DarbyKlan

Me, personally? My joyful obsessions include bird photography (InstaGram), Japanese stationery, and gadgets. We lost our 4-legged family member to brain tumors. Since then, a little pointy-headed cockatiel named D.K. (DarbyKlan 😉) coaxes daily smiles. Family? Yep. Mostly off limits as regards this blog.


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