Attorney. Writer. Freelancer. 10+ years of hands-on experience with persuasive presentations and writing, bearing witness to wisdom, willpower, wit, and wins.

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Cliff Notes Version (“just the facts, m’am” )

✧︎︎︎ Work Experience

● Attorney [PA, NJ, CT] — 10+ years:

  • persuasive writing / argumegnt
  • productively interacting with folks from all walks of life
  • spearheading nuanced interviews and investigations
  • procuring satisfying results
  • detail-focused analyzing of documents and situations
  • focus: assistant prosecutor (NJ); personal injury corporate defense, small business, general practice; throughout: written arguments (“attorney” = s/he who routinely writes 30+ page documents called “briefs” 😬)

● Teacher/Counselor [MN, PA] — 8+ years:

  • Prisons: Twin Cities area of Minnesota; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • counseling/instructing soon-to-be paroled inmates re job development nuances; developing jobs
    • working with families to instill a supportive environment as a requisite to loved one’s successful societal re-integration
  • Community College: Gloucester County, New Jersey
    • counseling/instructing students re career development
    • drafting related course materials
  • focus: Women Helping Offenders, MN; Pennsylvania Prison Society, Phila., Gloucester County Community College


✧︎︎︎ Education/Licenses/Awards

● Law Licenses

  • Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
  • “Good Standing”: continuously, all jurisdictions

● University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas

  • Doctorate of Jurisprudence: 2-year accelerated program of study
  • Academic Scholarships, including:
    • Earl Warren Scholar
    • Captain T.M. Reagan Scholar
    • School of Law Competitive Scholar
    • Snodgrass Competitive Scholar
  • Awards include Highest Achievement Award: Civil & Political Rights; Honors: Federal Criminal Trial Practice, Trial Advocacy Principles, Mass Media Communications, Immigration Law

● Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Bachelor of Arts: Political Science, Sociology
  • Multiple Independent Study courses: Corrections, Peneology
  • Awards/Honors: include Dean’s List, magna com laude graduation

✧︎︎︎ Legal Website Awards/Commendations: dpg-law.com (1997-2001)

(hand-coded/ hobby/ self-taught website requisites; converted Pennsylvania WP court opinions to HTML & constructed search mechanism with globally free access during pre-Google era)

  • Off the Beaten (Or Oft-Surfed) Path, Jan. 1998: “For a unique approach to Internet research, try Plaintiff v. Defendant Legal Issues, http://www.dpg-law.com. Rather than organize sites by subject, its attorney/publisher, D. Pamela Gaines, posits a specific legal query and then maps a research trail for finding its answer. Each month highlights a different liability topic, with a new query each week. November, for example focused on evidentiary matters.”
  • Best of the Web for Lawyers 5 Stars: legal.online, Dec. 1997. “Overall usefulness to legal professionals; content; design and presentation; accessibility and ease of use; innovation.
  • Elite Best of the Web Award: Feb. 1998. “quality content and skillful design
  • Best 82 Small Law Firm Websites: March 1998. “based on content, presentation and experience
  • Best of the Planet People’s Choice Award: March 1998. “Speed and ease of use, design, quality of content, timeliness
  • The NonConformist Award: March 1998. “originality, organization, design


Additional Site “About” Basics

Call to Action

?🤔 Looking for someone to 👀? …

  • enliven your blog with rich content polishing your message, incorporating a touch of humor to keep retinas rotating across and throughout your page(s) → secure the services of a subscriber to striking speech
  • proofread/edit your gem-in-the-making document → conciseness + acute awareness of grammar niceties = absorbed reading undisturbed by petty oops! distractions
  • ghostwrite your ebook or other text → You shine publicly as I shine quietly
  • massage your message with a subtle yet effective call to action → my winning record confirms the power of my persuasive linguistic style
  • analyze/summarize your documents, with a watchful eye on details capable of making/breaking a case → this experienced freelancer knee-jerk recognizes the distinctions between the mundane and the monumental
  • construct and/or teach a course online → plain English (yes, including legal writing!) combined with life-event examples convert the “new” into a readily understandable construct, cementing lessons
  • convey techniques for successful LSAT or bar examination sittings → my top 10% LSAT profile, combined with first-time success with the bar exams of 3 jurisdictions, underscore my abilities in this niche (spoiler alert: no Internet at the time … I ate every prep book found on local bookshelves within a 50 mile distance, as well as actual exams pulled from the archives of Yale’s law library—the psychology of test-taking rules supreme)
  • lessen your writing load → relief is within your grasp, via the contact info provided below
  • copywriter: site analysis, case studies to highlight your company’s expertise, blog posts — short or long, eNewsletters feeding your actual/prospective customers valuable information, key message platforms to promote your consistent internal message, and more.

I am a writer ← ready, willing, and available** to exceed expectations in satisfying your related needs.

**I will proofread academic papers for students & provide constructive criticism; I will not write such papers.

Contact me through the handy form (preferable), or shoot a txt to me directly at 984.201.2001. Tell me your precise need with timeframe, and I’ll get back to you with a quote, promptly. In any event, do enjoy this magnificent day! 😄


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