Rules of the Road


You’re visiting my electronic living room. I treat you accordingly—always with respect, in all ways.

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My word to you // (Greylag Goose, Lake Johnson, Raleigh NC)

The Basics

🚫 Obstructions Harassing You

Ooooo, a pop-up/under, obstructing my view! How delightful!!” proclaimed NO one, evahhhhh! Momma spewed a mantra: “just cuz everyone else is doin’ it … would you follow them off a cliff?” There are, and will be, NO spontaneous popups or popunders on this site.

🚫 Pretending to Offer Freebies, for the Price of Your eMail Addy

Free downloads will grace this site, e.g. a printable time-blocking form comprised of 30 minute increments, starting at 0a.m. & ending at midnight. In my world, “free” = no strings attached. Downloads presented at this site will sport a direct grab-&-go link. Period.

🚫 Playing Games with Your eMail Addy

I’ve provided a Contact Form to ensure easy access. The form demands an eMail address, so I can respond. The Comment Form likewise requests your email addy. You have my word: your address will be used solely for responding to your input. You will not be placed on an eMail list. Your address will not be passed on to others. Cliff Notes version: I will treat your eMail address with the same respect I want shown to my own eMail addy. No if. No and. No but. No loophole. ….. Oops, one exception: if a court order lands in my lap demanding the info, hey, it is what it is.

🚫 Taking the Greyhound Route to Explanations

If 50 words can be condensed to a handful, that’s what you’ll see. This may involve occasional forays into colloquialism. If it gets the job done, I’m there.

🚫 Trolling within Comments

The U.S. constitutional right to free speech restricts actions by governmental entities adversely impacting speech. I don’t fit within the definition of a governmental entity. Therefore, abusing the comments area with off-the-wall negativity guarantees your permanent Bye Felicia! moment. ‘Nuff said.

 Additional Site “About” Basics


Call to Action

Got a website? With popups/popunders? Reminder: first impressions linger…