My Heartfelt Nod to #NationalCameraDay

Momma works hard. Momma plays hard, with bird photography as passion hobby. Because camera nuances count, I present this loving nod to #NationalCameraDay. Witness my transformation: dSLRs → all-in-one. My smiles of lingering contentment continue.


13 Must-Watch Documentaries for Every Wannabe Photographer

Fine examples of documentary films every photographer should watch populate the list. Relax, watch, study, and enjoy when in need of inspiration or a fresh breeze of ideas. Some are full-length, while others span mere minutes. Viewing time appears next to the film, everything accessible from the one page.


(Video) Daughter, don’t call me Mom; call me Point B

I’ve mentally fondled a plethora of TED Talks, yet this represents a first. Twice the audience rises as one, intense appreciation propelling raucous applause. With a maestro’s control of language, spoken word poet Sarah Kay harmonizes the serial messages conveyed, spellbinding the listener.