Introducing IFTTT’s New Data Access Project

Today’s eMail brings news of a new feature: the Data Access Project. Public / government data, created by workers paid by our tax dollars, stands ready for our ultra convenient manipulation. Quick example: you’re planning a trip outside the U.S.; you can now arrange receipt of travel alerts via SMS.

We want to bring you closer to the institutions and agencies that impact your life. So we’re launching over thirty new services today. Learn the details, and why it’s just the beginning of our new project.

Exploring the new offerings cries out for a high spot on your ToDo list.

Source: Introducing the Data Access Project


QuickNote: Alexa embraces reminders + named timers

And thus dies another app, as I move Pomodoro timing to Alexa, with related summaries populating part of my Bullet Journal tracker. Note: research confirms →  the reminder is tied to the device used to set the reminder.

One of Alexa’s more practical, everyday uses is setting timers – helpful when cooking, remembering to perform some task, or alerting kids it’s bedtime, among other things. Today, Amazon is improving its timers by allowing users to name their different ones. This will make it easier to use multiple timers simultaneously, Amazon says.

Plus, since many Alexa customers were already using the timer feature to set reminders, Amazon is now formalizing that use case by allowing you to ask Alexa to “remind me” instead of “set a timer.”

Source: TechCrunch


QuickNote: Optimize Your Chrome Browsing Experience With These 13 Extensions

I’ve encountered many best-of-Chrome-extensions lists. This one from MakeUseOf rises above the rest.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google’s list of search results told you which links you’ve clicked on before? And not only that but also when you last clicked on them? → Google When

Source: Optimize Your Chrome Browsing Experience With These 13 Extensions

BuJo How to: Make Your Blog’s Backbone with an Editorial Calendar


My core bullet journal plays maestro to multiple components, conjuring harmony among all while precluding duplicates. One module, focused on writing activities, includes the Editorial Calendar for this blog. A detailed exploration of the contents of that specialized analog calendar follows.

Estimated Reading Time: 12 minutes

Table of Contents

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How to Feed Your Blog While Web Surfing: the Power of “Press This”

TL;DR includes an empowering yet unheralded power-packed feature: the free Press This bookmarklet. Once added to your browser, feeding your blog becomes kid’s play.

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

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How to Arrange Private FaceBook Communications withOUT Messenger App


Facebook’s Messenger app offers one positive: convenient access. It also presents a host of negatives. Folks with way too much time on their hands love to send chain letters; lonely gents look for a quick fix; dancing hearts or gifs may disguise harmful viruses primed to infect the recipient’s machine. I deleted the app, but still provide an easy way for folks to reach me. The difference? My option is secure, and the very nature of it tends to discourage sending the silly stuff. Neither $$ nor tech knowledge is required to employ the option!

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes.

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My 4 Joyful Obsessions Powering Blow Your Mind Productivity


Have you noticed? Productivity intentions mimic a child immune to lectures. I can tell myself to do something; or, I can incorporate a guaranteed smile-inducer into the endeavor,  tossing resistance. Joyful obsession blossoms from a seed of delight. Like ivy vines snaking a wall, delight infects all it touches—including mundane tasks. What I love grabs/ holds/ propels me—here, in the direction of my agenda. Outside of family and cherished friends, the following details the nature, and impact, of my four primary joyful obsessions.

Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes

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80+ Resources for Creating a Powerful Bullet Journal You’ll Love


A notebook + pen + commitment to consistent braindumps + reviewing notes regularly = the basics of a bullet journaling lifestyle. Unlike other self-management systems, the BuJo (nickname for a bullet journal) personifies flexibility— you determine its structure and contents. This page provides a one-shot resource, to learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How as regards bullet journaling.

Caution: Because the BuJo lives to reflect your needs and enhance your personal organizational flow, examples provided by others should serve as inspiration, rather than fodder for duplication. It’s like building a house. You may love another’s bedroom layout, yet toss their living room scheme.

Estimated Reading time: 9 minutes.

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iOS Cal, App Store: Now Live on IFTTT 

Quick courtesy FYI: The big thrill here →  the new iOS Cal channel, unlike the gCal channel, permits targeting a specific calendar per applet/recipe, profoundly helpful for multiple tracking scenarios. Where there is (automated) tracking, there is enhanced accountability, the linchpin of consistent productivity! Examples, as each item is checkmarked as done:

  • Task / iOS Reminders Work list (or ToDoist/ToodleDo) → iOS Work Done cal
  • iOS Reminders Reading List → iOS Read It cal (wih option to add related notes later)
  • iOS Location channel → in/out times tossed to iOS Out & About cal

IFTTT’s iOS Channel:

Apple’s pre-made applets (some reflected below) are cool, but the true power lies in creating an applet from scratch. If you’re an IFTTT novice, know the system will walk you through the creation steps. Def worth your time. 

When 3+ Apps Pluck Your Last Nerve, Make a Bullet Journal


Year 2016 witnessed three software teams’ bully tactics1, as developers either jumped aboard the SaaS ship and/or dramatically hiked prices. Each chose to ignore reality: an overflowing ship is destined to sink. Their yoe-pocket-be-mah-pocket strategy instigated a thorough review of my digital dependence. End result: my embrace of the Bullet Journaling system which, in turn, prompted blissful removal of 16 former core-usage apps. My productivity level skyrocketed.

Estimated Reading Time: 9:21 minutes

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