QuickNote: The mind-clearing magic of Japan’s pen+paper “planner culture”

Agree 1000%! My beloved Hobonichi-based bullet journal (Cousin Avec & Weeks) provides structure, killing the need for repetitive spread drawing; its flexibility addresses my desire for habit trackers, timeBlocking and more. The equally superb Kokuyo B5  (Edinburgh, Campus Wide Red — ooo baby) and multi-sized Muji notebooks delight with fab paper quality, AND subtle evenly spaced dripmarks running across the top…
7 Best iOS Utility Apps for This Attorney/ Writer/ Blogger. (Great Blue Heron. Snapped @ Durham, NC)

7 Best iOS Utility Apps for This Attorney/ Writer/ Blogger

The bullet journal crowd knows: handwriting promotes clarity and retention. Yet we also comprehend the convenience of apps chosen with care. This article details the "why" underlying this attorney/ writer/ blogger's top 7 iOS apps within the Utilities category. The common thread: each continues to impress and delight, months/years after purchase.

QuickNote: Alexa embraces reminders + named timers

And thus dies another app, as I move Pomodoro timing to Alexa, with related summaries populating part of my Bullet Journal tracker. Note: research confirms →  the reminder is tied to the device used to set the reminder. One of Alexa’s more practical, everyday uses is setting timers – helpful when cooking, remembering to perform…
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