QuickNote: A Decision Journal Changed my Decision-Making Process (Template Included)

A decision journal helps you collect accurate and honest feedback on what you were thinking as you made various decisions. This feedback also helps you see when you were lucky. Sometimes things work out for very different reasons than we thought they would. The key to understanding the limits to our knowledge (see circle of competence) is to check the results of our decisions against what we thought was going to happen and why we thought it was going to happen. That feedback loop is incredibly powerful because our minds won’t provide it by themselves. How a Decision Journal Changed the Way I make Decisions (Template Included)


QuickNote: A Bullet Journal for a Small Business Owner? Yep!

Got millions of ‘to-dos’ floating around in your head? Responding to emails, updating employee data, sorting out inventory, small businesses are hit with endless tasks on a daily basis. To ensure none of these important business tasks get pushed to the back of your mind and eternally forgotten, it might be wise to start a bullet journal. What is a Bullet Journal and How Can Your Small Business Use One? – Small Business Trends

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