T-Mobile’s DIGITS number sharing service rolls out on May 31st

Business and personal number, ringing the same line for calls and SMS, among other handy configurations. Ahhh, competition can be sweet!

T-Mobile announced a bets test for its DIGITS service last year, and at long last the beta is over. DIGITS will roll out to all subscribers on May 31st, an… by Ryan Whitwam in Carriers, News, T-Mobile, Videos

Source: T-Mobile’s DIGITS number sharing service rolls out on May 31st

How to Embrace a Stationery Obsession with Organization


From fountain to rollerball to Frixion pens; highlighters to markers; A5 to B5 journals; A6 to flip-over pocket size notebooks; and, the BFFs of pens/mechanical pencils dubbed refills — the need for order cries out from the buried home office desk. Conjuring organizational nirvana involves (1) thinking through how you spend your time with assorted tools; and (2) devising a scheme embracing your workflow. This article details one woman’s roadmap to DeClutteredVille.

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My 4 Joyful Obsessions Powering Blow Your Mind Productivity


Have you noticed? Productivity intentions mimic a child immune to lectures. I can tell myself to do something; or, I can incorporate a guaranteed smile-inducer into the endeavor,  tossing resistance. Joyful obsession blossoms from a seed of delight. Like ivy vines snaking a wall, delight infects all it touches—including mundane tasks. What I love grabs/ holds/ propels me—here, in the direction of my agenda. Outside of family and cherished friends, the following details the nature, and impact, of my four primary joyful obsessions.

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How to Create a Workspace that Motivates You

Joyful Obsessions as Key

Incorporating joyful obsessions plays to the kid within. That kid gravitates toward what he/she likes. Because assorted nods to my photography hobby and stationery nerdiness surround me, sitting at my home office desk begins, and ends, with internal smiles. That spells a relaxed spirit which, in turn, juices creativity.

A motivating work station coerces daily productivity, easing me closer to my goals. In short, it works with rather than against me. Pay attention, friends– is your work station friend or foe?