QuickNote: Law: Taping Telephone Conversations

D.C.-based discussions of late concern telephone call taping. Curious, I searched for a summary of governing law, including state and federal mandates. The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons gifts the answer, in one-page comprehensive form. I added it to my cuz ya nevah know Bookmarks category. You may want to do the same.

This chart sets forth the applicable law regarding whether telephone conversations may be lawfully recorded. Remember that unless the caller and the called party are in the same state – then only that state’s law would apply – the interstate call actually implicates three bodies of law, federal law, the law of the calling-party’s state, and the law of the called-party’s state.

Summary of Consent Requirements for Taping Telephone Conversations


February 2017 Bar Exam and MacBook Pro- Urgent Alert

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