80+ Resources for Creating a Powerful Bullet Journal You’ll Love

A notebook + pen + commitment to consistent braindumps + reviewing notes regularly = the basics of a bullet journaling lifestyle. Unlike other self-management systems, the BuJo (nickname for a bullet journal) personifies flexibility— you determine its structure and contents. This page provides a one-shot resource, to learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How as regards bullet journaling.

WordPress.com: How to Enjoy Pinterest Rich Pins with Your Site

Implementing Pinterest’s “Rich Pins” feature on your wordpress.com site pulls additional info per pinned item, such as title & description. Rich pins also auto-update, reflecting your changes to the related post subsequent to the pinning. Finally, your assigned title follows the pin, immune to changes by anyone but you, the post author. Here’s your cheat sheet to implementing that feature on your Wordpress.com site.