QuickNote: The Beauty of Automattic’s  Free CloudUp Service folks: didcha know? → The Automattic (parent of WordPress) family includes A CloudUp sign-up provides up 200gb of free space. In other words, free upload of roughly 1000 files. A ShortCode-style link (plain text link on a line by itself, no spaces before or after the link; NOT a hyperlink) embeds the file. It’s a hassle-free mechanism to  present a file, e.g.  easy scrollable reading of a PDF, directly on your site. 

Cloudup is one interesting service from Automattic which offers a simple way to capture screenshot with a shortlink. You can also upload images, videos, music, pdfs, etc. and quickly convert…

Source: Share images and files using CloudUp – Carl Alberto

How To Keep Your Money: Schedule Tweets with IFTTT + gCal


Several services (e.g., Buffer, HootSuite, SocialOomph) offer to schedule your tweets; in exchange, you pay an ongoing monthly fee. Or, you accept limitations to enjoy the free version. The same goal can be accomplished with an IFTTT-induced marriage between Google Calendar and Twitter. Cost? $0. Here’s how.

Estimated Reading Time: 4:30 minutes

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Introducing IFTTT’s New Data Access Project

Today’s eMail brings news of a new feature: the Data Access Project. Public / government data, created by workers paid by our tax dollars, stands ready for our ultra convenient manipulation. Quick example: you’re planning a trip outside the U.S.; you can now arrange receipt of travel alerts via SMS.

We want to bring you closer to the institutions and agencies that impact your life. So we’re launching over thirty new services today. Learn the details, and why it’s just the beginning of our new project.

Exploring the new offerings cries out for a high spot on your ToDo list.

Source: Introducing the Data Access Project

How to Feed Your Blog While Web Surfing: the Power of “Press This”

TL;DR includes an empowering yet unheralded power-packed feature: the free Press This bookmarklet. Once added to your browser, feeding your blog becomes kid’s play.

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

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How to Arrange Private FaceBook Communications withOUT Messenger App


Facebook’s Messenger app offers one positive: convenient access. It also presents a host of negatives. Folks with way too much time on their hands love to send chain letters; lonely gents look for a quick fix; dancing hearts or gifs may disguise harmful viruses primed to infect the recipient’s machine. I deleted the app, but still provide an easy way for folks to reach me. The difference? My option is secure, and the very nature of it tends to discourage sending the silly stuff. Neither $$ nor tech knowledge is required to employ the option!

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An In-Depth Guide To Choosing The Best Online Learning Sites

A five-sections guide, to help you make sense of what’s out there at each stage of your learning process.

  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Specialized learning platforms
  • Reference sites for self-guided learning
  • Sites for sharing what you’ve learned
  • Tips for sticking with it

Thanks ToDoist!

80+ Resources for Creating a Powerful Bullet Journal You’ll Love


A notebook + pen + commitment to consistent braindumps + reviewing notes regularly = the basics of a bullet journaling lifestyle. Unlike other self-management systems, the BuJo (nickname for a bullet journal) personifies flexibility— you determine its structure and contents. This page provides a one-shot resource, to learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How as regards bullet journaling.

Caution: Because the BuJo lives to reflect your needs and enhance your personal organizational flow, examples provided by others should serve as inspiration, rather than fodder for duplication. It’s like building a house. You may love another’s bedroom layout, yet toss their living room scheme.

Estimated Reading time: 9 minutes.

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How to Enjoy Pinterest Rich Pins with Your Blog


Implementing Pinterest’s “Rich Pins” feature on your blog pulls additional info per pinned item, such as title & description. Rich pins also auto-update, reflecting your changes to the pinned post subsequent to the pinning. Finally, your assigned title follows the pin, immune to changes by anyone but you, the post author. Here’s your cheat sheet to implementing that feature on your site.

✧︎︎︎ Estimated Reading Time:1 6 minutes.

✧︎︎︎ Estimated Task Time: 10-15 minutes (including excess time spent triple checking as you move along, courtesy of paranoia 😏).

Note: If you maintain a self-hosted/Wordpress.ORG site & seek Rich Pins configuration steps, your steps include installing the Yoast plugin, as detailed by U.K. blogger Sarah Kay

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Auto-Tracking Blog Posts

Short & sweet:

Last week, I mentioned a new channel in IFTTT → the iOS Calendar. Google Calendar served my tracking needs until iOS muscled its way into the automation ‘hood. With gCal, one calendar served as receptacle for any and all IFTTT applets. With iOS Cal, organizing bliss blossoms thanks to the ability to select a calendar per applet.


  • Tweet → iOS Cal: SM.Twitter
  • FaceBook status, photo, etc → SM.FaceBook
  • Pinterest pins → SM.Pinterest
  • Completed ToDoist/ iOS Reminders → Accomplished

Provided an IFTTT channel exists for the app you want to automate, the possibilities astound. Tracking, productivity’s BFF.

When 3+ Apps Pluck Your Last Nerve, Make a Bullet Journal


Year 2016 witnessed three software teams’ bully tactics1, as developers either jumped aboard the SaaS ship and/or dramatically hiked prices. Each chose to ignore reality: an overflowing ship is destined to sink. Their yoe-pocket-be-mah-pocket strategy instigated a thorough review of my digital dependence. End result: my embrace of the Bullet Journaling system which, in turn, prompted blissful removal of 16 former core-usage apps. My productivity level skyrocketed.

Estimated Reading Time: 9:21 minutes

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