QuickNote: The Beauty of Automattic’s  Free CloudUp Service folks: didcha know? → The Automattic (parent of WordPress) family includes A CloudUp sign-up provides up 200gb of free space. In other words, free upload of roughly 1000 files. A ShortCode-style link (plain text link on a line by itself, no spaces before or after the link; NOT a hyperlink) embeds the file. It’s a hassle-free mechanism to  present a file, e.g.  easy scrollable reading of a PDF, directly on your site. 

Cloudup is one interesting service from Automattic which offers a simple way to capture screenshot with a shortlink. You can also upload images, videos, music, pdfs, etc. and quickly convert…

Source: Share images and files using CloudUp – Carl Alberto


QuickNote: Work from Home? “Forest therapy” = your BFF

When you work from home and Love your work, it’s too easy to find yourself indoors for days at a time. If that statement hits a nerve (guilty!), adopt a new habit → schedule Out & About time. One word: crucial!

In another study, researchers found a decrease in both heart rate and levels of cortisol in subjects in the forest when compared to those in the city. “Stressful states can be relieved by forest therapy,” they concluded.

Source: Business Insider
11 Reasons You Should Go Outside


QuickNote: Pros and Cons of Car Leasing

Thanks Consumer Reports!

In recent years, leasing a vehicle has become a mainstream alternative to buying, but is it right for you? Here, a look at the pros and cons of this popular option.

(August 2, 2017) Source: Consumer Reports


QuickNote: Law: Taping Telephone Conversations

D.C.-based discussions of late concern telephone call taping. Curious, I searched for a summary of governing law, including state and federal mandates. The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons gifts the answer, in one-page comprehensive form. I added it to my cuz ya nevah know Bookmarks category. You may want to do the same.

This chart sets forth the applicable law regarding whether telephone conversations may be lawfully recorded. Remember that unless the caller and the called party are in the same state – then only that state’s law would apply – the interstate call actually implicates three bodies of law, federal law, the law of the calling-party’s state, and the law of the called-party’s state.

Summary of Consent Requirements for Taping Telephone Conversations


 QuickNote: Paper Sizes and Formats Explained

Without question, the most comprehensive—yet easy to follow—breakdown I’ve witnessed. Includes copying tips.  Kudos BeLight Software, from stationery nerds every dang where! 🤗


QuickNote: 8 of the best notebooks for fountain pen users

Pocket Notebooks’ listing triggered a question: Hmm, my own top 8? 

  1. NanamiPaper’s B6 Cafe Note (5mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  2. Hobonichi Memo Books, almost A5/A6/B6 slim (3.7mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  3. Kokuyo Idea Notebook, A5/B6 Slim (3mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  4. Koukyo B5 Edinburgh, hardcover (6mm ruled, with dripmarks for alignment cues)
  5. Kokuyo B5 Campus Wide, hardcover (6mm & 7mm; ditto re alignment cues)
  6. Muji (multiple sizes), softcover (ruled, 6mm)
  7. Quo Vadis Habana journal B5, hardcover (ruled; 6mm, I think)
  8. Taroko Design’s Breeze notebook A5 (5mm grid/ Tomoe River paper. A Leuchtturm clone re features 🤗)

Amazon /eBay/ Etsy/ JetPens. 

Why? The paper + feint lines = rare, if any, ink-inspired woes. I admit: I’m a straight up stationery nerd. Translation: if Moleskine runs a one-cent sale, I’ll pass. Experience schooled me, so I know where quality lives and where it’s AWOL. My purchasing dollars flow accordingly. Reasonable pricing + stellar quality → I’m there!

👀 Psst! Yep, Tomoe River inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks hang out in various Etsy shops. Search: Tomoe River paper traveler’s notebook inserts

A rundown of 8 of the best notebooks for fountain pen users and what you should look for when choosing a notebook for fountain pens

Source: 8 of the best notebooks for fountain pen users | Pocket Notebooks


QuickNote: Football— Today’s AMA Report: 110 out of 111 brains = CTE


The most recent AMA report: the study of 110 out of 111 brains of former football players revealed the presence of CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Estimated Reading Time: 1:30 minutes

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QuickNote: iOS Writers: New $7 Universal App, Free Now

The app, Eddie, sparked my interest last month. The lack of any reviews, combined with the price tag, instigated my request for a price drop alert from That alert arrived within this hour.

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QuickNote: Want an A5 Tomoe River Bullet Journal?: ✓ “Breeze”

The new Tomoe River BREEZE A5 notebook sits poised to capture THE “Bullet Journal Tool” award:

  • 183 numbered pages
  • index pages
  • 68gsm, killing the 52gsm’s mild shadowing irritant
  • 5mm dots.

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QuickNote: The Best Fountain Pens for Taking Notes

Hey, any “best of pens” list including both the Pilot Vanishing Point and Platinum Preppy pulls my thumbs up 👍🏽!

Fountain pens aren’t just for practicing fancy calligraphy in a mahogany-walled office surrounded by antiques. They’re functional writing instruments …

Source: The Best Fountain Pens for Taking Notes – – Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews