Sun. 6.25 4p ET: Free Alexa Skill Programming Webinar

If you, or anyone you know, needs step-by-step guidance on how to ship your first Alexa Skill, then join me for a free webinar this Sunday, June 25th at 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern.


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Introducing IFTTT’s New Data Access Project

Today’s eMail brings news of a new feature: the Data Access Project. Public / government data, created by workers paid by our tax dollars, stands ready for our ultra convenient manipulation. Quick example: you’re planning a trip outside the U.S.; you can now arrange receipt of travel alerts via SMS.

We want to bring you closer to the institutions and agencies that impact your life. So we’re launching over thirty new services today. Learn the details, and why it’s just the beginning of our new project.

Exploring the new offerings cries out for a high spot on your ToDo list.

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QuickNote: Alexa embraces reminders + named timers

And thus dies another app, as I move Pomodoro timing to Alexa, with related summaries populating part of my Bullet Journal tracker. Note: research confirms →  the reminder is tied to the device used to set the reminder.

One of Alexa’s more practical, everyday uses is setting timers – helpful when cooking, remembering to perform some task, or alerting kids it’s bedtime, among other things. Today, Amazon is improving its timers by allowing users to name their different ones. This will make it easier to use multiple timers simultaneously, Amazon says.

Plus, since many Alexa customers were already using the timer feature to set reminders, Amazon is now formalizing that use case by allowing you to ask Alexa to “remind me” instead of “set a timer.”

Source: TechCrunch


Writer? Enable Alexa My Thesaurus Skill

Plucked an item off my Someday/Maybe list, then went hunting through the Alexa app. Turns out, there are several new skills claiming to play synonym king. Most lie. This one nailed my request, “…another word for travel.” Girlfriend showed off, announcing she had 13 total. As she rattled off each, my grin grew wider. It’s Mikey time, y’all: “try it, you’ll like it!” 🤗

My Thesaurus helps you find synonyms for words

Source: My Thesaurus – Alexa Skills Store


Judge in Bill Cosby Case Declares a Mistrial – The New York Times



QuickNote: What Makes Paper Fountain Pen Friendly?

The other way manufacturers create fountain pen friendly paper is through a specific finish. In Clairefontaine’s case, vellum finished paper (what’s used in their notebooks) adds significant resistance to feathering and bleedthrough and for a more extreme example, Tomoe River paper has a silky smooth finish that resists ink, causing it to dry on the surface rather than leeching down.

Source: What Makes Paper Fountain Pen Friendly?


QuickNote: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Journal for Your Creative Projects

Having a dedicated journal lends itself perspective over time, revealing what you were thinking and planning at a specific time, including at present. There are a plethora of benefits to gain and you can make it your own. It will help you organize your thoughts, gain clarity, and pave the way to accomplish your focused goals.



Reduce stress and anxiety with a pen and this simple neuroscience-backed trick 

The next time painful or stressful feelings threaten to overwhelm you, here is what you do: get something to write with. Get something to write on. Write down a word that describes the emotion you’re experiencing. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive. Just a word or two will do.

Source: Reduce stress and anxiety with a pen and this simple neuroscience-backed trick — Quartz


Do vs. Done Lists: Jot Down Your Small Wins to Amplify Success


When we reflect on progress, we practically metabolize it. Jot down completed tasks, and view them as “wins,” or progress towards your final goal(s), and you can externalize and recognize them. ” Writing, like speaking, requires translating thoughts into words, which externalizes those thoughts and allows us to see them for what they are so we can move forward. Clarity affords possibility.

Source: Do vs. Done Lists: Jot Down Your Small Wins to Amplify Success | Evernote Blog


T-Mobile’s DIGITS number sharing service rolls out on May 31st

Business and personal number, ringing the same line for calls and SMS, among other handy configurations. Ahhh, competition can be sweet!

T-Mobile announced a bets test for its DIGITS service last year, and at long last the beta is over. DIGITS will roll out to all subscribers on May 31st, an… by Ryan Whitwam in Carriers, News, T-Mobile, Videos

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