QuickNote: Alexa Skill for WPcom Folks

Every 3 or so weeks, I pop into the Alexa app (iPad) and run a “writing” search through the Skills area. My eyes popped when I saw this WordPress.com-focused skill a few minutes ago. Guess ya know what I’ll be playing around with this evening 😆. One 5-⭐️ rating thus far, so worth a shot,…

QuickNote: 8 of the best notebooks for fountain pen users

Pocket Notebooks’ listing triggered a question: Hmm, my own top 8?  NanamiPaper’s B6 Cafe Note (5mm grid/ Tomoe River paper) Hobonichi Memo Books, almost A5/A6/B6 slim (3.7mm grid/ Tomoe River paper) Kokuyo Idea Notebook, A5/B6 Slim (3mm grid/ Tomoe River paper) Koukyo B5 Edinburgh, hardcover (6mm ruled, with dripmarks for alignment cues) Kokuyo B5 Campus…
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